Monday, November 1, 2010


Salam..jgn terkejut baca entry ni ye..order for COACH still on..saje nak menyelit bisnes baru..miracle corset..SENANG JE NAK KURUS,TANPA PERLU DIET,NO PILLS N NO SLIMMING CENTRE YG BLUM TENTU BLEH KURUS...

Price for Premium Beautiful
Size XS - M: RM1972.00
Size L - XXXL : RM2168.00

Expensive?This PB can last long! We are talking lifetime warranty!!!

I accept CASH payment by Credit Card and u will get MEMBER PRICE..!!

I also accept installment of 12 months the price will be lower depend on your size!!

contact me at or 0194238078 for further inquiries...

more info bout PB

PB is MORE than JUST a slimming product!

- Body contour/shape-up (breast, buttocks, hips & waist)
- Posture (it supports your backbone, helps alleviate backpains, etc... )
- Rejuvenates Skin via FIR- Inner Health (bodily functions, stomach & vaginal complications, etc.)
more info here:-PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL